How to Measure chain braid ring mesh Sizes

Apr 11, 2018

How to Measure chain braid ring mesh Sizes

Measurement of chainmail curtain

When you have the purpose to purchase chain braid ring mesh, you should decide what materials you want and what specs it should be. Additional, you should have an idea about the colors and total quantity.

In the previous article, we have introduce the main material of chain braid ring mesh, and in this article, we will introduce what sizes you should know and supply to us. And we will introduce you how to measure the chain braid ring mesh sizes.


The detailed specification include these factors:

  • Material.

  • Wire diameter.

  • Aperture size.

  • Width.

  • Length.

  • accessory.

According to different situations you may occur, we will give you the complete solution.

If you know less about the chain braid ring mesh, just tell us your application and quantities, we will suggest you the popular sizes for you.

  • If you know the chain braid ring mesh or you have a sample from your customers, but you don't know the accurate sizes, just refer to the measurement method in the below and get the accurate sizes.



    A hand is measuring the wire diameter of chainmail curtain.A hand is measuring the aperture size of chainmail curtain.


  • If you don't have measurement tools, just deliver the sample to us if it is necessary, we will give you the response as soon as possible.

  • If you know the chainmail curtain very well and you have the accurate specs, just tell us your specs and requirements, we will give you the most competitive price and lowest discount.

Different ring sizes chain braid ring mesh display

There are different aperture sizes for your choice. Smaller aperture sizes, thicker the chainmail curtain. If you want privacy, and don't want to let others see the indoor, you can choose the small aperture sizes. If you want to ensure the good air circulation and let sunlight in, you should choose the larger aperture sizes chain braid ring mesh. All are up to your application. Just tell us your requirements, and we will suggest the best specification for you.


Three brass chainmail curtains on the track with different aperture sizes.
Different aperture sizes of chain braid ring mesh for your choice.

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