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Huihao Hardware Mesh Product Limited



Huihao Hardware Mesh Product Limited


                                                                                                            QUALITY CONTROL

  • Raw Material Control

 The Selection of the raw material is carefully controlled through inspection as well as our supplier management system to ensure the quality standards of our finished products.

  • Purchasing Control

 Our Purchasing Department in coordination with our Quality Control Department has an established purchasing standard procedure. The procedure allows us to purchase material only from reputable sources. We require our suppliers to sign a Quality Assurance Agreement to guarantee that their material meets the agreed upon standard.

  • Incoming Material Inspection and Management

  Our Quality Control Department have testing standards for incoming material. These standards monitor the physical properties as well as the chemical composition of the raw material. Should a customer have any issues with the quality of the material, we are able to trace back to the exact source of wire used.

  • How is Supplier’s Responsiveness To Supplier Corrective Action Requests and Return Material Authorizations for Rejected Material?

Our factory has the strict quality inspect rule, as usual, there will no any quality issue. But if there were quality problem of our goods, we will sure afford the loss to customers. 

According to our factory rule, customer needs make report within 7 days for quantity problem and within 30 days for quality problem. For big order quantity, the quality control department will send somebody goes to customer factory and settle the problem directly. For general order,customer needs give us official report or picture or photos to show the problem to us and give us the exact loss list. Once the report were confirmed, our factory will return the payment to customers or send new goods to customers

  • Describe Supplier’s Current Quality Performance.

the qualified rate was 98.72%


Huihao Hardware Mesh Product Limited



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